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Maggy Brown Artwork-  Another Day, Another Collage


Portrait by Vanda Spinello

Ever since I can remember, I was determined to be different than the people I knew. Both of my parents worked in the confines of offices filled with numbers, files and tasks that seemed all very boring to me. I’ve always had a vivid imagination. I surely didn’t want people in my life to be bored by the description of what I did for a living. It seemed to me that the only thing I was exceptional at was art. So I talked my middle class parents into sending me to the prestigious Los Angeles Art Center College of Design, one of the best art schools one could eventually have on a curriculum vitae. The college administration told me I was the youngest student ever to be accepted. I would be damned if I would ever regret not moving on opportunities that laid themselves in front of me. After a whirlwind career in fashion and film in Paris, France and Milan, Italy, I returned to the states to continue my creative life.

I began collaging dogs when I was illustrating and writing the first book of the Lawrence the Wonder Dog™ series. It all started with ripped paper backgrounds to depict the seaside. Then I explored collaging the dogs.

NY Times Mutual Fund report spoke to me to depict white fur—is white really just white? Cork paper has a nice fur-like texture for the brown patches, and dark gray wallpaper can give the black spots more texture. I’m told it is uncanny how I can capture the pet’s personality by merely using bits of different colored and patterned papers. I use old wallpaper samples, the Mutual Fund reports, scanned fabric swatches, scanned love letters and postcards from my past, romance novel pages, whimsy and love.

Now, I am offering custom pet portrait collages for everyone who wants to immortalize their precious pets—big or small.

Click on an image below to view my gallery of collages.

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