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Maggy Brown Artwork-  Another Day, Another Collage


Portrait by Vanda Spinello

Studying at the prestigious Los Angeles Art Center College of Design gave me a well-rounded art education. After college and a whirlwind 15-year career in fashion and film in Paris, France and Milan, Italy, I returned to the States to continue my creative life.

​I began collaging while illustrating and writing the first book of my Lawrence the Wonder Dog™ children’s book series. It all started with ripped paper backgrounds to depict the seaside. Then, I explored collaging the dog—with a whimsical spirit.

I am continuing my creative journey discovering the various spiritual beliefs attached to the mystical creatures I’m drawn to collage by creating custom designed paper with the essays researched, has taken me on a deeper creative path—to explore and my commentary on current social injustices against women.

* * Please note prices do not include Ohio sales tax or shipping costs.

Click on an image below to view my gallery of collages.

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